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Natural products have extensively served as natural inhibitors of enzymes related to early skin ageing and skin pigmentation and are used widely in skin care cosmetics. Key players in the regulation of skin tissue homeostasis and skin elasticity, preservation of the soft skin tissue and production of melanin are elastase, hyaluronidase and tyrosinase respectively. Though these enzymes are vital for the regulation of the human body homeostasis, under conditions of uncontrolled overexpression, they can cause many health problems. So, here we present a collection of the natural compounds that can be isolated form plants and herbs and have been proved to show potent inhibitory properties towards these enzymes. The natural products are a valuable source of beneficial properties for body and skin health, and, thus, they are widely used in cosmetics. (The information stored in the database have been selected from the literature from 1966 to-date.

We present here NC-DB, a web server for the prediction of natural product based cosmetics that utilizes two different approaches:

  • a) Comparison by similarity with a curated database of natural product compounds having confirmed skin care cosmetics
  • b) Inverse virtual screening of the input molecules chosen by the users against a set of protein targets identified as key elements related to early skin ageing and skin pigmentation (elastase, hyaluronidase and tyrosinase).

The server is open to all users. Registration is not necessary, and a detailed report with the prediction results are sent to the user by email. This is the first public domain database containing all the natural inhibitors for the three enzymes: elastase, hyaluronidase and tyrosinase.