1. 1. I have not recived the email with the results link
  2. First check the email account you used for submit calculations is valid. If it is a valid account check the span inbox of your email account.
    Be patient, calculations can take time. If it has been more than 3 days since you submited your calculations and you still have no results please contact us, an error may have happened

  3. 2. The JME applet for sketching molecules does not load
  4. You may have a Java problem. Update the Java to the latest version and add security exceptions for DIA-DB site.

  5. 3. I get the results but the 2D diagram is not in the table
  6. The 2D diagram for ligand-protein interactions is generated by PoseView (http://poseview.zbh.uni-hamburg.de) which is an external server. It is possible than it has been down during the time your calculations where performed. We have no control on the server, so we recommend you to contact us or you to check here http://poseview.zbh.uni-hamburg.de/poseview/wizard that PoseView loads and then submit your calcules again.